30 on 30 Training – Week 6

I started this week hobbling around on sore legs from Potlatch (3 day ultimate frisbee tournament). All the starting, stopping and sprinting of ultimate took a lot out of me! However, by Thursday morning I was mostly back to normal and managed to knock out a solid tempo run. My current goal tempo pace is 8:27 and I came pretty close to that. Although the last mile was the toughest I was happy that I didn’t fade and pulled out a 8:26 mile.

I did the first half of Saturday’s 12 miler with Matt. That was a treat since my training pace is more like Matt’s recovery pace so even when we’re in the same city we don’t do too many miles together. I threw a few hills into the second half of the run. I figure I’ve got to get better at hills eventually. I paced by feel not heart rate and was really surprised when I saw that I’d averaged 170 bpm. I think the heat and direct sunlight might have had something to do with that. My legs were quite tired by the end of the run but I felt OK during the afternoon and evening. However, I crashed at 9pm and pretty much slept right through until 6:30 on Sunday morning! I suppose sleep is the ultimate recovery tool.

07/07 XT Pilates
08/07 5.0 miles Easy run: avg 160 bpm, 11:23 min/mile
09/07 XT Pilates
10/07 6.0 miles Tempo run: 4mi @ 8:20/8:29/8:25/8:26 min/mile
11/07 - Rest day
12/07 12.0 miles Long run: avg 170 bpm, 11:20 min/mile
13/07 4.0 miles Recovery run: avg 155 bpm, 11:40 min/mile
Total 27.0 miles YTD: 603.8 miles