30 on 30 Training – Week 7

The two big tests of this week were, not surprisingly, the speedwork session on Tuesday and the long run on Sunday. The speedwork was tough but it was nothing new. The long run however was my first run longer than a half marathon (13.1 miles) since the Ottawa Marathon in May 2007. Whoa. I chose a moderately hilly route which featured miles 6.5/19.5 – 10.5/23.5 of the Seattle Half/Full Marathon course. That’s the McGilva/Galer/Madison/Interlaken section of the course.

As it turned out the Madison hill was not as bad as I remembered but E Galer was way worse! It’s very short (0.10 mile) but it’s something like an 8.5% grade! It totally sucked up my momentum and sent my heart rate through the roof (185 bpm). I walked this section in the 2006 Seattle Half. I ran it on Sunday but I think in the future I’ll just power hike up it. Lesson learnt. Other that and a bit of a fade towards the end the run was great.

The 14.5 miler is the longest run that I’m going to do before the 30 km on my birthday. The plan is to do another solid week of training this week culminating in a 12 miler and then taper for 5-6 days before the big run. Today I mapped out my 30 on 30 route and I’m getting really excited!

14/07 XT Pilates
15/07 7.0 miles Speedwork: 3x1mi in 7:55/7:48/7:55 min
16/07 XT Pilates
17/07 5.0 miles Easy run: avg 155 bpm, 11:10 min/mile
18/07 - Rest day
19/07 14.5 miles Long run: avg 166 bpm, 10:52 min/mile
20/07 4.0 miles Recovery run: avg 157 bpm, 11:22 min/mile
Total 30.5 miles YTD: 634.3 miles